Chimayo's Sacred Dirt


Chimayo's Sacred Dirt

In 1810, a Chimayó priest was performing penances when he noticed a flaming light on a nearby hillside. Curious, he went there and upon digging in the ground, found a crucifix. It was named the miraculous crucifix of Our Lord of Esquipulas because of its amazing habit of always disappearing from the Santa Cruz church where the local friars kept sending it. It would then be found buried in the hillside in Chimayó. 

It became obvious that the Crucifix wanted to remain right where it was, so a small chapel was built to house it. Soon, miraculous healings began on the chapel's grounds, and the chapel was so much visited that it was replaced with the Chimayó Shrine - an adobe mission - in 1816. 

The El Santuario de Chimayó shrine has become legendary for the sacred dirt upon which it resides. It is believed that the land upon which the shrine is built is holy, and it has amazing curative powers. Pilgrims travel from all around New Mexico during Holy Week to dig in El Posito, the "sacred sand pit" and take a bit of it back with them. People take the pilgrimage seriously, and will walk a few yards to 100 miles to visit El Santuario. The walls are hung with crutches and before-and-after photos of people who have been cured of illness and hardships.

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I usually go and get some dirt and holy water on Good Friday, and anyone who I keep as a friend or someone is sick, then I give them some.. I believe in this so much!

The name of the Church is El Santuario in Chimayo, NM. It is very, very popular, and on Good Friday people make the pilgrimage to walk, some over 100 miles and some just 10 (it doesn't matter you just do it), just the way that Jesus did it on the walk with the know, it is very moving! I believe in it a lot. I sent the holy water and dirt when my mother was so sick and my family rubbed it into her feet...we believe in this. It was also buried with my mom in her coffin and
I am sending some to my good friend Laura, who has helped me with this website.

***Note from Laura - I dearly love Georgianna for this wonderful gift she sent me, and I do believe it has brought me luck in the hard times I have been through in the last several years. Just when everything looks the worst, it all turns out okay, and I know it is by the grace of Our Lady and God Himself that protects me and keeps me safe. I keep this beautiful silky sand in a small porcelain box with Mary on it at the head of my bed, along with some other things of Mary, whom I hold dear. So this gift is very meaningful to me, and I love Georgianna so much for her thoughtfulness!

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